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Real Ideal Ad

This project's goal is to combine an objective and subjective approach to the creation of an effective illustration, for the purpose of advertising the attributes of a consumer product or service. Type scale and texture gives the piece a unified look with rock'n'roll. The illustration suggests that using this product will give you vivacious hair you can rock out with.

The Walrus Magazine Cover

The assignment is to create an editorial illustration based on a current news topic to be used by a major Canadian magazine, “The Walrus”, for an upcoming cover. The illustration visually communicates what the article is about using simple step shading. This piece has a good sense of movement and eye direction and breaks up the page in an interesting way. The type setting shows hierarchy and emphasis on the main header.


This infographic for a beetle offers visual appeal and intricacy with use of colour. The colour palette creates great contrast while drawing in the eye. A symmetrical beetle placed in the center gives this piece balance.

Personal Illustrations

Surrealism and storytelling are what interest me when building an illustration. Using lots of colour to establish a certain mood, to create a message, and to evoke a sharp response.