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Magazine Spread

This is an editorial assignment that uses photography to create a visual metaphor for what the article is about while using original photography. The shots used are a playful connection to the text and the use of contrast and scale creates emphasis and drama; just like fashion.

Campaign Design & Branding:
Youth 4 Youth Rights

Youth 4 Youth Rights is an original charitable organization dedicated to teaching youth about human rights issues and also empowering them to help make a difference. The age-sensitive comic book, for grades seven and eight, tells the story of a child soldier. The comic book keeps the student engaged while placing them in the shoes of someone their age who is being denied basic human rights. The website provides more information on many different human rights issues for educators and students along with fundraising ideas and links to charities.

App Design - User Interface: Capsule

Capsule is an app for Red River College students. It gives Creative Arts scholars the opportunity to share their work with each other. Capsule archives past students' work as well. This is a group project in which I was assigned the user interface design.

Bottle Redesign & Advertisement

Caribou is commonly associated locally with Festival du Voyaguer. The goal for the redesign is to give it a fresh sleek look while keeping it Canadian strong. The ad shows strength and warmth.